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My primary experience has been working with people on the Autism Spectrum, having been in the field for over a decade. 

I started my work in the field as an in home ABA tutor and transitioned into social skill coaching and transition support.  While my work has progressed into the mental health side of developmental disabilities, working primarily with anxiety and depression, I still draw on the skills gained from my previous work.

Before entering into the mental health field, my interests focused around communication skills.  I taught communication classes to a wide range of audiences, from elementary school classrooms to adults in executive training retreats.  My primary focus was on group communication and development of interpersonal skills.  I believe that the greatest skill one can learn is how to communicate effectively with those around them.

Currently, I work with adolescents and young adults from around the greater Seattle area.  I also am a professor at Antioch University in Seattle, teaching classes in their counseling program.

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