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Mental Health Counseling focuses on short-term, solution-driven sessions with the goal of addressing a particular challenge or struggle. This technique typically lasts 8-10 sessions and is best used when there is a particularly challenging transition or traumatic event that has happened in the client's life that is at risk of leaving lasting scars. The goal of short-term counseling is to develop skills around a specific challenge, and process that challenge in a way that keeps it from negatively affecting the client's future developmental growth.


Developmental Mentoring is long-term and broad in its approach. The goal of Developmental Mentoring is to establish a strong therapeutic relationship so that I am able to help guide my client through the various developmental struggles that they may encounter as they grow. While this approach does have a mental health focus, in that we focus on emotional and intrapersonal skills, the primary focus of this approach is to develop skills that can be generalized towards the goal of growing into a healthy functioning adult.
My goal is to become someone that my client can come to and ask the questions that they are not comfortable asking anyone else. I aim to be a healthy role model for my clients whom they can come to when they feel stuck or worried. While I have clients that I have seen regularly for many years, often these relationships become strong enough to last even when not in direct contact. After a particular transition or challenge passes, I often see my clients less, if at all, until I am needed again in the future.


My work generally focuses on kids who are struggling with both their own specific disabilities, along with all the stresses that come from just growing up.  I specialize in developmental struggles such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD/ADD, generalized anxiety, and difficult transitions.  That being said, my main focus when working with my clients is not to treat the disability specifically, but rather to focus on the developmental struggles that they are facing and helping them transition into the next phase in their life smoothly.  I find that often adolescents can get stuck because their specific struggle or disability makes it difficult to take that next step in their own personal development. My work focuses on helping them find their own relationship to their struggle and then develop skills and strategies around it so that they can take control of their struggle, rather than their struggles taking control of them.


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington and can provide my clients with the necessary documents to submit for out-of-network reimbursement through their insurance providers. I offer my services both in office and online with a session rate of $250, or in-home with an adjusted rate depending on location. Sliding scale options are available. 

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